Spa and Relax

Spa And Relax

We know that rehabilitation can be emotionally and physically stressful. Rehabilitation does not have to be a sterile, uncomfortable medical process. The Spa & Recovery Centerof Minneapolis is one of a kind facility that seeks to create a wellness retreat experience, unlike any other rehabilitation center. It is our mission to create a tranquil and soothing environment for detoxification and rehabilitation. We want our guests to have every comfort available to them, and so we have several amenities to promote health and relaxation.

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Our fully equipped, state of the art gym is perfect for maintaining or starting fitness goals. We have personal trainers and fitness instructors on staff. We offer group exercise classes such as Zumba, hip-hop aerobics, Power weights, and kickboxing. The Spa & Recovery Center also has indoor and outdoor tracks, a tennis court and basketball court for personal use or team play.

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Our Center in Minneapolis boasts two swimming pools, indoor and outdoor, with roped off areas for lap swimming. Pools can be used for relaxation or exercise. There is always a lifeguard on duty at both pools. Both pools are open year-round.

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We believe that sweat is one of the best natural processes for the body to remove toxins. Our state of the art sauna rooms are the perfect way to kick off your detox, and to relax sore muscles. There are separate saunas for men and women, and one private sauna with a sign-up sheet for solo use.


Our Recovery Center offers a wide variety of therapeutic activities to enhance the mind and allow creativity to flow. Hiking, painting, drawing, yoga, guided meditation, knitting, movie nights, cooking, and creative writing are just some of the classes and activities we offer. All materials are provided.


Breakfast, lunch, and dinner are available on a schedule in our cafeteria, but snacks can be requested at any time and guests have the option to have their meals anywhere on the premises. Guests can enjoy nourishment in the cafeteria socializing with other guests, in our gardens, the or in the privacy of their rooms. The Spa & Recovery Center seeks to nourish the body and mind with whole foods that are medicinal and healing. As much of our food as possible is organic and locally sourced. We offer a selection of meals and a buffet at each meal time. We are happy to accommodate any dietary restrictions or preferences.

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