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Our Detox Programs

Detoxification is a fundamental step in any rehabilitation program. It is necessary to cleanse the body of any toxic substances and leave the facility with a fresh system. Detox can be notoriously uncomfortable (or completely painless, depending on the person and the addiction), and we at the Spa & Recovery Center of Minneapolis pride ourselves on making the detoxification process as comfortable and easy as possible.

Detoxification begins right away upon entering treatment. We have doctors on hand if needed to administer IVs of fluids and vitamins that help speed the detox process and replenish the body’s resources. Our doctors are also able to prescribe medication in some circumstances to reduce cravings. Our goal is never to replace one addictive substance with another, so medications are carefully monitored and only administered when absolutely necessary.

Our healthy meal plan, consisting of organic and locally sourced whole foods as much as possible, helps the body recover and replenish vital nutrients. Our meals are formulated to assist with detoxification and provide the vitamins necessary to heal.

Rooms are designed with comfort and luxury in mind. It is our goal at the Spa & Recovery Center that guests feel like they are at a vacation resort, rather than a sterile medical facility. Most rooms are private, although guests have the option to request a roommate and stay in a double room if preferred. Guests are provided plush, king-sized beds, televisions in every room, a full private bathroom. Staff is on call at all times to cater to any want or need guests may have.

Our luxury massages are a great way to speed detoxification and relieve soreness from the detox process. Exercise, sauna, and recreational activities are all healthy, therapeutic ways to ease the discomfort of detox and distract and nourish the mind.

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