The Most Common Myths About Sobriety

As with anything else in this world today there are ideas about what sobriety looks like. This means many people have preconceived notions on what sobriety is and how it appears. They may have seen it on TV or in moves and have decided that’s what it should be, regardless of the reality.

Even the internet or other people can help spread misinformation on what sobriety looks like. Books about addiction along with even what your friends say or you see in self-help groups. All of it can be misleading or untrue.

Most of these so-called facts are not true or in any way helpful. Instead of listening to them let’s go through and see what myths we can debunk in this article.

Myth: You Won’t Have Any Friends

It’s not wrong to think that you will lose friends when you get sober. That is a fact, and it is a good thing because there are many “friends” you don’t really need. This is because they can be triggers and lead you astray when you are trying to stay sober.

Getting sober is hard enough already without other drug-addled friends getting you down. You don’t need those people in your life and being afraid of losing your friends shouldn’t cause you to be afraid of getting sober.

The truth is that you will end up making new friends. Once you have gone to drug and alcohol rehab, you will find out who you really are and make new friends which will also help you to understand it. You will have new experiences to fill up your time and meeting new people.

Myth: You’ll Never Have Any Real Fun

People seem to believe in this idea that you can’t have fun without the assistance of drugs and alcohol, those people probably need help too. Our society is sadly riddled with a type of party culture that makes people think it is okay to drink all the time or worse.

Young adults especially seem to feel that going out and drinking until they black out is “fun.” So in a sense, they are right, you won’t go out and have that sort of fun again. But that’s okay, and there are other experiences to have.

It can be really fantastic learning how to have fun again without the assistance of drugs and alcohol. It will feel satisfying too knowing that you know how to get sober and then stay there and still live life to the fullest.

You will be in control and able to decide how you have fun, and that will make all the difference.

Myth: You Won’t Be Able To Handle The Stress Of A Sober Life

For a lot of people who struggle with drug and alcohol addiction, they turned to the substance because they couldn’t handle stress properly. That’s why many people assume addicts will relapse due to the same reason.

The thing is thought that drug and alcohol rehab is meant to help teach you new coping mechanisms to help you manage to live the stresses of life. That is also what support groups are for because you need new ways to help manage stress.

This doesn’t mean you will relapse, of course, it doesn’t. Instead, this will just be your chance to find new ways to deal with stress. This could mean talking about it, meditation, exercise, or more. There are many great ways to handle stress without drugs or alcohol.

This should not in any way affect your ability to stay sober if that is what you really want.